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When it comes to shopping, residents of apartments in Atlanta lack no options.  At $308 billion, this Georgia city’s gross domestic product ranks eighth in the nation.  Atlanta is also home to many small businesses that give back to society.

U.S. small businesses total at 28 million and generate 54 percent of all sales.  Atlantans enjoy spending their dollars at homegrown concerns that also help the less fortunate.  Here are five great ones at which to shop.

The Global Soap Project sends soap to Africa and other countries.  Founder Derreck Kayongo, a Ugandan refugee, collects unused hotel soap, sanitizes it, repackages it and sends it to those who really need it overseas.

Founded by Dr. Paul Judge, an alumnus of Georgia Tech and Morehouse, Luma is a home Wi-Fi system that keeps you streaming at a good pace by eliminating dead zones.  Judge has been a successful entrepreneur on the technology scene and has furnished seed money to Atlanta startups.  He also periodically hosts Morehouse students at his home for long-running coding sessions.

Deep discounts on new household goods, furniture and clothing are the hallmark of CareMart.  Proceeds benefit Caring For Others, Inc.  This organization seeks to wipe out poverty through efforts to feed, educate, clothe and house people across the globe.

Cafe 458, a restaurant in the Old 4th Ward, supports the Samaritan House of Atlanta to help homeless individuals become self-sufficient.  The restaurant serves the homeless weekday meals.  It opens at 10 a.m. on Sundays to serve a public brunch featuring waffles and chicken, vegetables and breakfast poutine.

Shoppers at The Spindle enjoy the selection of durable cycling apparel that survives daily rides.  This retailer hosts community bike rides such as the Burrito Armageddon and Refugee Relief and also collects clothing for the needy.

Despite living in a major urban area with an abundance of retailers, many residents of Atlanta apartments are eager to shop at small businesses that also support the less fortunate.  When considering all this dynamic city has to offer, be sure to take a moment to call our office to find out more about high-rise living amidst the luxuries you deserve.

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