Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Sharing

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2460 Peachtree BathroomHair and skin products can take over the surfaces of your bathroom whether you’re alone or sharing the space. Design tricks can help organize essentials and locate equipment for easy access. Create blessings for those who crave order, and keep the peace between couples and roommates who jockey for shared space by making small changes.

Think About Your Routine

Rule number one is to keep things simple and familiar. As you make small changes, you may actually make mornings more efficient and predictable. Start by thinking about your most basic daily process—what do you do, and what do you need handy? Bathrooms in our Atlanta apartments can be heavenly with a little planning.

Focus Your Shower or Bath Storage

A triple shower dispenser attaches to the wall of your shower and delivers measured amounts of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It gets the plastic bottles out of the way and looks elegant, and it can also hold a razor. For women, a shaving pedestal attached to the shower wall eliminates the need to use tub corners as support. Shower-head or wall-based shelving holds shower poufs, washcloths, and exfoliating gear.

Free Up the Sink Area With a Shallow Table

A shallow “space-saver” accent table creates extra counter space in the bathroom. It can be attached to the wall for stability and protrudes about 7 inches. A wall-mounted mirror behind provides a permanent place for makeup and styling, freeing up the sink and letting skin products stay in place. Styling equipment can fit on the table's lower shelf.

Hall and Towel Closets as Backup

For seldom-used products and equipment, backup and guest supplies, use a nearby hall closet. It won’t disrupt your routine much to grab what you need from there, and it will keep life much simpler in the bathroom. If you have more than a couple of people using the bathroom, consider keeping organized caddies in the closet for additional guests, which they can carry into the bathroom as needed.

Your bathroom is just waiting for you to customize it. With the right design choices, your morning routine can go much more smoothly. Contact us to review our floor plans and create your own space in our apartments in Atlanta.

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