Prepare Your Pets for Fall

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Small PuppyIf you love living in Atlanta, GA, and are looking for an apartment that will fit your lifestyle, stop and see our pet-friendly 2460 Peachtree Apartments. Both you and your pets will enjoy the spacious rooms and the view from your own personal terrace. Your pets are like family members, so you want to make sure they have everything they need in your new home. As with your home, you need to make sure your pets are prepared and ready for fall. 

Schedule an Annual Checkup

One of the most important aspects of having pets is to make sure they are in good health. Scheduling an annual checkup with your vet will ensure that your pets are healthy and happy. During the exam, your vet will check your pets for any possible illnesses, trim their nails, and offer you recommendations about what type of food is best. Moving to a new home or apartment can be stressful for your pets, so it's important that you let the vet know if they have been acting differently since the move. 

Clean Bedding and Bowls

When it comes to housekeeping measures, you should clean your pets' bedding once every couple of months, and more frequently if they spend a lot of time outside. Not only does this keep dust and allergen levels in your home low, but your pets will enjoy sleeping on fresh bedding. It's also important to keep food and water bowls clean. Most pet bowls are dishwasher-safe and should be washed at least once a week to prevent bacteria from becoming a problem.

If you are new to the area and are trying to find the perfect apartment in Atlanta, you don't have to look far. Visit 2460 Peachtree and ask to see a few of the available floor plans. We would love to give you a guided tour and show you all of the amenities 2460 Peachtree offers to its residents. Our floor plans feature stainless appliances, oversized closets, granite countertops, and more. Call our office and schedule your appointment today!

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