How to Create More Storage Space in Your Apartment

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storageDo you ever wish you had more storage space? Who doesn't? Even if you picked one of the most spacious Atlanta, GA apartments, you probably want just a little extra room. Here's where to find it.

Look Down

Are you making full use of the space under your bed, sofa, or other raised furniture? That empty space could add up to an entire closet's worth of storage space.

There are many different kinds of storage boxes designed to fit in these spaces. Simply pick one that matches your decor and is easy to pull out.

Look Up

Do you have empty space on your walls or space taken up by a picture you only bought to fill it? Is a short piece of furniture taking up a chunk of your room?

Think about adding shelves or cabinets instead. Shelves can store your extra dishes, books, or other items that take up space but are still nice to look at. Cabinets allow you to pack things in a little tighter without worrying about the appearance. Either way, you've put your wall to use.

Don't Waste Closet Space

Be efficient with your closet space. Don't have empty space below your clothes or above your shoes. Reorganize and add shelves or hangers until you've made every inch of your closet usable from the ceiling to the floor. Next, add a shoe rack or other hanger to the back of the door so you can make use of that space as well.

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

One of the biggest sources of clutter is not having a place to put everything. This could be because an item doesn't have a home or you're trying to fit too many of the same type of item into a home where they don't fit. Know where everything in your home belongs, and make sure it finds its way back there. If you don't have a space for something, make space by giving away old items or adding storage space.

Want to learn more about the built-in storage space in our apartments or take a look at our floor plans so you can plan your furniture? Call our office now.

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