How to Bathe Your Cat

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catsIf you are a cat owner, you know how well cats keep themselves groomed. In fact, grooming is one of the behaviors that indicate your cat is healthy and happy. You can see this in action when your cat licks his paws and then passes his paws over his ears and face. It’s adorable to watch and serves a useful purpose. However, this precious instinct isn’t enough to get your cat’s coat really clean. At times it’s necessary to supplement your cat’s personal hygiene with a good old-fashioned bath. A cat bath gets rid of that “gummy” feel that can build up on your cat’s fur. It also gives you an opportunity to rid your cat of any lingering pests.

Fill the Sink

First, get the sink ready. You don’t need a lot of water to bathe your cat, but it should be high enough to reach halfway up your cat's body. Make sure the water is warm but not hot. 

Arrange Your Supplies

You’ll need a shampoo that’s approved for cat use. Don’t use dog shampoo or human shampoo as the chemicals may be irritating to your cat. You’ll also need several bath towels.

Prepare Your Cat

Give your cat a bath after he’s eaten, not when he’s hungry. The best time is when your cat is relaxed. Leave the collar on your cat because this gives you a convenient way to keep him from jumping out of the sink before the bath is over. 

Starting the Bath

Place your cat gently in the water and immediately begin wetting the fur down. Keep saying gentle words to your cat so he knows he’s safe. Soap him up and make sure the shampoo gets well into the skin. 

Finishing the Bath

Now, empty the sink and let the faucet water pour over the cat while you get all the soap out. Be careful not to let the water get on your cat’s face. Wrap your cat in several towels and sit with him while most of the water is absorbed. 

The best part of bathing your cat is watching him lie in the sun to dry himself. This is when your cat will really appreciate having a clean coat. If you’d like to see what apartment floor plans are available for you and your cat in Atlanta apartments, please contact us today!

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