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blonde puppyHaving a well-behaved dog makes you a better neighbor in your apartment community, and it creates a stronger bond between you and your pet. Whether you have a puppy or a newly adopted adult dog, basic training is important. Keep these dog training tips in mind to make sure your pet exhibits good behavior in your home and community.

Be positive

Dog training goes much more smoothly when you keep it positive. Negative approaches to training can backfire and make your dog fearful, which can lead to growling or other aggressive behavior. Positive training involves focusing on rewards and reinforcing good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior. Keep treats on hand to give as rewards for your dog when it successfully follows a command. Rewarding good behavior builds a positive association, making your dog more enthusiastic about training sessions. 

Practice patience

Dogs all learn at their own speed. There’s no set time for learning a new command, so it’s important to stay patient. Your dog might take a while to figure out what you want from certain commands. Being patient about it keeps training sessions positive. Your dog will eventually learn to do the right behavior when you give a command.  

Keep training sessions short

Dogs can easily get bored and distracted or frustrated when you try to do long training sessions. Instead of working on training for an hour once a day, do several shorter dog training sessions throughout the day. These sessions should be short enough to hold your dog’s attention, so it won’t lose interest. Doing them several times a day instead of once also gives your dog more opportunities to work on learning a certain command.

Be consistent

Being consistent is one of the most important parts of dog training. Depending on how you train your dog, this can mean using the same hand signal or verbal command, using the same tone of voice or using a clicker immediately when rewarding good behavior. Consistency helps dogs learn what is expected of them when they hear a clicker or command or see a hand signal.

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