Must-Have Small Appliances for Your New Apartment

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coffee maker

You've unpacked all of your belongings — your bed, your furniture, your TV, and laptop — but what happens when you get moved into the Atlanta apartment of your dreams and realize you're severely lacking in the small kitchen appliance department? Whether you’re a ramen-and-frozen entrée kind of cook or a serious foodie, it’s best to figure out what you’ll need ahead of time or soon after you move in. Here are some must-have small appliances that will come in useful for most apartment dwellers.


Microwaves are handy for heating water quickly, heating or thawing frozen foods, and preparing convenience foods like microwavable noodle cups, burritos, and frozen snacks during hectic study sessions, or for reheating leftovers after a long day at work.

Coffee Maker

Whether you’re serious about not being yourself until you’ve had your first cup of Sumatran coffee in the morning, or you don’t drink coffee but have friends who do, a coffee maker is something most people enjoy having around. If you only need one cup at a time or have a roommate who likes a different blend, a K-cup machine will give you plenty of options. If you don’t like electric gadgets, or only make coffee sporadically, an old-fashioned French press is easy to store off the counter and bring out when needed.

Bullet-Style Mini-Blender

Have you ever tried to blend a smoothie by hand? It’s almost impossible. A small bullet blender will help you make individual smoothie drinks, salsas, nut butter, and sauces. Most are multifunctional, and if only making small batches, give you the means to chop, blend, and dice like a food processor.

Water Filter

Having fresh, clean water is important for drinking and cooking – nobody like drinking tap water! There are a variety of models to choose from, from filters that attach to your faucet to portable water filtration pitchers. An added perk is you’ll save money on bottled water.

Toaster Oven

You can’t put a pizza slice in a toaster! But, there are some great new above-the-counter toaster ovens that make toast and have space to crisp a small pizza. Many are large enough to make casseroles or cookies, too. For a space-saving advantage, look for a combination microwave/convection oven. You’ll be able to make crispy sandwiches, or bake a loaf of bread 30 percent faster than your oven range, and still be able to utilize it as a microwave when needed.

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