Tips for Shopping Summer Farmers Markets

Living in a city like Atlanta offers many opportunities—in all seasons—to enjoy city life and culture. But there are some additional benefits in the summer, not the least of which is local farmers markets, crafts fairs, outdoor festivals, and neighborhood celebrations. If you're a fan of fresh, local produce, area farmers markets will surely draw you during…

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Cold Summer Picnic Salads You Must Try

Summer is all about staying cool while enjoying the summer heat. As the warmest days of summer are upon us, now is the perfect time to try out some cold summer salad recipes. Here are three salads you can easily prepare from your Atlanta apartment. Grilled Chicken and Blueberry Salad With Vinaigrette Ingredients: -10 ounces…

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Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Sharing

Hair and skin products can take over the surfaces of your bathroom whether you’re alone or sharing the space. Design tricks can help organize essentials and locate equipment for easy access. Create blessings for those who crave order, and keep the peace between couples and roommates who jockey for shared space by making small changes. Think About…

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer offers opportunities for lots of fun for our residents and their dogs. However, when the mercury heads for the stratosphere, owners need to take steps to protect their canine companions. These six tips will help your dog stay cool during summer, whether playing outside or snoozing indoors. Schedule Time Outdoors Does your furry friend…

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3 Simple Dessert Recipes

It can be tempting to skip the dessert when entertaining throughout the summer. After all, who wants to heat up the kitchen baking? With a little effort, however, you can create some fun and easy desserts without baking, without a lot of ingredients and without the hassles. Discover the joy of desserts again with these three…

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How to Organize a Summer Family Reunion

Are you the designated person in charge with organizing the family reunion this summer from your Atlanta apartment? It’s a big responsibility, and you may not know where to start. Here are some tips for making the perfect reunion event that the whole family will enjoy. The Venue A family reunion venue needs to accommodate different…

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